What do prospective applicants expect from your events?

Assets from webinar held on 31 January 2023

Panelists Barbara Bradshaw and Paul Cernicharo-Terol share some of the latest research conducted by the TSR Insight team.

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What do prospective applicants expect from your events?

Key takeaways:

  1. Events need to stand alone – you may have some prospective students who attend multiple events you run and others where an event may be the one and only time they visit. Make sure each event offers something unique– even subtle differences to the programme can give return visitors something new to think about.
  2. The cost of living is a big concern among students and a key factor as to why students cannot sometimes attend on-campus events. Are there any ways you can support students who are facing these barriers to ensure they attend on-campus events such as Open Days? Read our report about how undergraduates feel about the cost of living.
  3. When it comes to Virtual Events, focus these early in the decision-making cycle and providing course information is key. Keep them interesting and personalised.
  4. At Open Days, showcase the university, the atmosphere and how you get around campus. Show the student what it would feel like to go to your university, so they start to get a sense of belonging.
  5. Applicant Days - applicants want more detail about the course, an understanding of what people around them would be like, and whether they would fit in and belong at the university. Playing a key part of the conversion cycle, as much emphasis on applicant day content is needed as open days.

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If you have questions that were not covered in this session, our Account Managers are happy to help you find the answers you need. You can also put your question directly to our student audience using TSR Asks (our monthly omnibus survey) and conduct your own student research to support future campaigns with the help of our TSR Insight team. Find out more about the research options available.

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