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221,000 students interested in Clearing

It’s time to prepare for Clearing 2020. Over 70,000 students were accepted through Clearing in 2019 (an increase of 10% from 2018), and The Student Room is the best platform to access this audience.

Reach over 221,000 users* in our Clearing segment and 50,000 students who voluntarily opted-in to receive Clearing updates. 40,000 students also selected one or more subjects that they wanted to hear about, allowing us to send targeted, course-specific communications on your behalf.

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*The number of devices we could target where people had shown an interest in Clearing or Clearing-related content.

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Better understanding, better data

We’ve invested in new technologies to better understand our community. By personalising content to our audience and creating a better experience for them, we also deliver a more effective campaign for our partners, ensuring their message gets in front of the right student, at the right time, in the right place.

Clearing activity planner

Map your communication around Clearing applicants’ decision-making journey

 Discussions on The Student Room Clearing application forums start as early as March.
We support users throughout their journey, from revision and study help to Results Day and Clearing applications.


  • In March our Clearing, UCAS and Applications forum is already receiving over 30,000 visits a week
  • Students are fact-finding and looking for advice about Clearing options
  • Awareness: increase campaign visibility and use content to influence audience perceptions about your university


  • We launch our Clearing data capture form
  • Students turn to The Student Room for study help tools as they revise for exams
  • Awareness and Consideration: start building your Clearing pipeline by engaging undecided Year 13's and our "applying to university" segment


  • Exam season begins
  • Early engagers start interacting with our Clearing content and students become increasingly active in their decision-making
  • The Student Room begins our Clearing campaign across email, social and on-site ads and there’s an intensive exams and revision push
  • Awareness and Consideration: get your pre-reg campaigns up and running. Test, test, test!


  • Students get a feel for how well they’ve done in their exams
  • The Student Room experiences an increased trend in the search term 'UCAS Clearing' before Google does
  • Peak sign ups month for our Clearing opt-in database (21,466 in June 2019)
  • Consideration: target students who are showing intent and provide them with resources that solve their problem e.g. places for relevant courses or sponsor expert Clearing advice content


  • #BeResultsProud campaign goes live to support students and reassure them as we lead up to Results Day
  • Clearing vacancies go live on UCAS
  • Students opt-in to our Clearing database letting us know the courses they want to hear about (39,418 picked one or more courses in July 2019)
  • Consideration and Conversion: send out subject-specific Clearing alerts and ensure your campaign is fully optimised for August


  • A-level Results Day - 15th August
  • Sessions in our Clearing, UCAS and applications forum peak on Results Day
  • This is a highly competitive time for universities and many Clearing decisions can still be influenced
  • Conversion: maximise your exposure across all channels; send targeted communications to students who are interested in your courses or closely-related courses


Clearing stays open for those students still undecided and unplaced

Use display, email and retargeting to capture applicants who haven't finalised their decision yet

A bespoke audience built for you

Working together, we’ll define the perfect audience for your campaign objectives.

Our unique targeting software captures users’ behaviour and preferences. This data includes:

  • Users proactively opting into our Clearing database and volunteering their information
  • Engagement with Clearing & Adjustment content on site
  • Pageviews and participation in relevant discussions
  • Relevant searches on site and on Unimatch

We then layer on your specific audience needs, such as location, study level and subject interests.

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Clearing student group

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