Tech specs – Twitter of the day

Explore the tech specs you need for your featured advertorial.

What we need from you

Creative deadline: We require all correct creative at least three working days prior to the agreed start date to ensure it starts on time.

Please provide us with up to 5 tweets you would like us to Tweet from our ‘The Student Room’ account. These should include:

  • Up to 140 characters (this is to include #ad and any links)
  • Imagery (mandatory)
  • @mention
  • Link

We will also be Tweeting about you on this day, directing members to your forum, Official Rep, guide and any relevant content regarding yourselves.

Our SLA’s
Please note your Twitter of the Day is delivered via our community team, who have requested creative by the end of July.

Please let us know if there is likely to be any delay and we can work with our community team to accommodate as best as possible.

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