Clearing email template [Tech Spec]

Your email will follow our template below. Please take a look at the details below and send over the imagery as well as the completed template form.

Please note that all email creative is required at least 10 working days over Clearing (July & August). This is to ensure there is enough time to upload the content, run relevant quality checks, complete test sends and receive sign off.

To ensure the best performance of your email, please make sure none of these trigger words are included in your copy or we will not be able to send your email. Trigger words include words like 'free', 'save', 'guarantee', 'win', etc.


>> Download briefing document

Header image - 600px x 300px
Title - max 30 characters 
Copy - max 150 words 
Call-to-action - max 20 characters
Hex code for title colour
Hex code for call to action buttons