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A commercial partnership with The Student Room offers you the unique opportunity to leverage our authentic, trusted platform by owning an area of significant interest on site.

What is a partnership?

A TSR partnership promises deep engagement in a contextual space, framing a content hub around the topics we know matter to our community. Leverage our audience to discreetly position your brand, change perceptions and influence behaviours.

This alignment provides genuine user value in trading on your specialisms and expertise to deliver a meaningful user benefit. By building the content our users love and need, with a clear connection to your brand, powerful affiliation and depth of understanding is formed.

Why partner with us?

There is no platform like The Student Room, and no two partnerships are the same. Each partnership addresses unique client objectives and specific user needs to build a collaboration that delivers value for both parties.

This unique opportunity will cut through the noise by letting you show, not tell, young people your brand values, in the exact place they make decisions.

Together we’ll deliver brilliance from a team that is as passionate about young people as you are.

Measuring success

We’ll work with you to clearly articulate your objectives and understand the potential uplift through benchmarking. Setting measurable KPI’s and implementing conversion tracking, we’ll ensure the right tools are in place to prove your partnership is delivering real business benefit and a clear return on investment.


Encompassing all things student life, this partnership (renewed for a second year in 2018) addresses perceptions of UEA as a university. The content engages users first and provides a brand halo effect second. This discreet approach is common to most, or all, successful native content projects.



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