Clearing 2021 Official Rep training
Leverage your relationship with prospective students

Assets from webinar held on 30 June 2021

Discover how to use your Official Rep to engage with Clearing applicants.

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Overview of the University Partner Pack (UPP)

The basic UPP package consists of:

  • 3 x Official Representative Accounts
  • Official guide & keyword alerts
  • Roadblocks in both forum and guide
  • Promo to drive traffic to the forum and guide
  • Frequent in-depth reporting

It can also include: off-site remarketing, TheUniGuide Lead Pack, conversion tracking and additional display inventory

UPP positions your institution as an authoritative and trustworthy voice on and off The Student Room. It also gives prospective students confidence that they are engaging with accurate information and humanises students' educational journey.

Why are Official Reps important?

Engage. Influence. Convert.

Engage: be at the heart of student conversations and speak to them directly. Understand the key concerns of your applicants.

Influence: guide student decision-making by providing the right information, at the right time, and in the right place. Educate students about their options so that they can make informed decisions about their futures. Manage your university's reputation by being part of the conversation.

Convert: signpost students to opportunities to study with your university.

Clearing 2020

(data: 1 July - 31 August 2020)

Audience behaviour

13.9M Users on site

Over 60,000 Members posting on site

2m39s Average dwell time

Over 305,000 Member posts on site

Official Rep engagement

144 Active Official Rep accounts

7.9M Official Rep post views

7,175 Posts by Official Reps

524 Private messages by Official Reps

Whilst using the Official Rep, do you feel you made an impact on students in Clearing 2020?

(23 responses)

Yes, we had great engagement
Yes, but feel it could have been better
A little bit
No, didn't feel we made any impact
N/A - didn't have an Official Rep account

email templates

Supporting students - how to help

Increase your presence across our site from the start of July. We are already seeing onsite conversations about applications and Clearing

Look out for key conversations about applications, the Clearing process, results, accommodation, living in a different city or changing course

Be reassuring, supportive and authoritative offer helpful advice for students who are contingency planning

Monitoring your forum

Encourage discussion and create a positive perception of your university

Set up sticky threads: key examples include - Clearing, FAQs, ask a student, accommodation, wellbeing and revision tips

Congratulate students: say well done to applicants and offer holders

Be informative: include contact details and guidance on the Clearing process. Answers you provide one applicant may be read by many others

Invite and answer questions: remember to respond to 2022 applicants too

Be kind and genuine: it's a stressful time for applicants

Manage expectations: be helpful, but also be honest about students' chances, like Loughborough's Rep

Example university Clearing thread

(create your own and we'll add it to our Clearing mega thread)

Getting involved in conversations across the site

Here is a list of threads and forums to help you navigate to those key conversations across The Student Room site:

A real example

“I have just finished my mocks and have received my results in June. In Computer Science I have achieved an A* overall, in Maths and Physics, I have achieved Cs, which are poor for me. Is there any way for me to increase my predicted grades before I apply to uni, and if there isn't, what good unis could I apply and get accepted to with around an A*CC (I am eligible for contextual offers)”

User, The Student Room

We asked you to choose which is the best response

“Hey, are there any unis you’re particularly interested in and what are you thinking of studying? It may be a good idea to look at the entry requirements and talk to the admissions teams to see what they may accept. Also, speak to your teachers! They may let you resit your mocks, or offer extra activities and work which could help you get your grades up if that's what you want. There are still plenty of unis and courses that would accept these grades, but if you do end up getting better final grades, you can have a look at Adjustment- you can read more about that here. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!”

Answer A

“Hi X, hope you’re well! Don’t be disheartened by your predicted grades, at X University we offer X for Computer Science if that’s what you’re thinking of studying. Personally, I love studying here because of the facilities, teaching quality and societies! Let me know if you have any questions about my uni”

Answer B


Looking at the question from the student, which do you think would be a better answer?

(29 responses)

Answer A
Answer B

Helping students make informed decisions

Here are some links to real Rep examples:

Liverpool Hope: addresses the applicant's need, then continues the conversation

University of Reading: reassures the student, provides recommendations, asks a question, signs off with their name (humanises the message)

Comparison thread: helps the student make a balanced decision, demonstrates awareness of previous responses, invites questions, provides new information to consider

Supportive response: empathises with the applicant, normalises what they are going through, offers support and encouragement

Owning mistakes: addresses the mistake to let others know this has been dealt with, gets more information about the specific issue, private messages the applicant to keep them informed at all times

Perceptions of your university: gives more detail, invites questions, provides anecdotal insights


"When do I get to know what universities are available through Clearing?"

How would you respond to this student?

(20 responses)

Answer A
Answer B
Answer C
Answer D

 X University is now available to help if you are interested call X or visit our website.
Answer A

 Hello! We are officially open for Clearing! We’d like to take this opportunity to say that we’re thinking of students during this difficult time. If you’re nervous and want to check whether you’re eligible for one of our courses, give our friendly team a call on X
Answer C
 Hi! Hope you’re feeling proud of the hard work you put into your studies. If you’d like to check out the courses we have in Clearing please click here, call here, or apply online here.
Answer B

 Hi @user. You can find all vacancies for Clearing here If there’s a particular University/course you are interested in, I’d recommend giving them a call as soon as possible. What are you looking to study and what kind of universities have you looked into already? Happy to help with any questions you may have!
Answer D

What to avoid in Clearing 2021

Our top tips on what NOT to do:

Talk like an advert: make sure your responses sound helpful and human.

Offer biased information/only focus on your university: respect applicants by offering wider context which will empower them to find the right university for their individual needs.

Ignore student's challenges: remember how stressful Clearing can be for students and include empathic phrases to show you connect with their emotions and struggles.

Key takeaways

    1. Create a Clearing 2021 thread on 5th July: spark discussions and respond to questions
    2. Engage across the site: answer all questions, respond to every student who mentions you, congratulate successful applicants
    3. Support: help students make a balanced decision about what is best for them
    4. Quality: carefully consider posts, read them back to yourself to assess the possible impact on applicants, use a response checklist
    5. Reach out: we can help you, so ask if you need support with what to say to applicants

Resources for Official Reps

Questions/Advice about posts on site

Official Rep Lounge and Official Rep Feedback thread (tag @Maple_Leaf, @snowprincess7, @strawberrydreams) - you must be logged in as an Official Rep to access these private threads

Monitoring Engagement

UPP report and discussions with Account Manager

Sticking threads/Keyword alerts/Log in queries

Email Client Services

Best practice on site reminders

Resources on TSR Matters

Bespoke training/advice (Email Client Services)

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