How students feel post-application and what support universities can offer

Assets from the webinar held on 7 March 2023

Hosted by Grace Etheridge (Community Engagement and Student Voice Manager, TSR),
Jenny Smith (Policy Manager, Student Minds) and
Bethany Wiles (Research Manager, TSR Insight)

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How students are feeling and what universities can do to support

Key takeaways:

  1. Almost all students feel concerned about something at the moment, largely related to their confidence in their own skills and abilities (as opposed to broader global issues)
  2. The ability to make friends and fear of loneliness continues to feature in students concerns as they consider starting university
  3. Life skills and money management are core skills students feel they need support in developing, along with getting a part-time job and learning time management techniques
  4. The majority of students are confident they could get support at university if they need it
  5. The majority of students feel the support services offered is an important factor in deciding which universities to apply to
  6. The transition to university comes at a pivotal point in school-leavers’ development, at which they are most likely to develop a mental health condition. Getting this transition right can set a student up for a successful academic, social and personal experience throughout university.
  7. Particularly with marketing and arrivals, consider the role that you could play in setting expectations - and whether that can be alienating or empowering. A whole-university approach is crucial here.
  8. For students with diagnosed mental health conditions, disclosing their condition to UCAS and/or their university can help them access support from the outset. Universities can play a role by signposting support in pre- and post-arrival materials, tackling worries about disclosure, clearly explaining the benefits, and destigmatising disclosure.

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