How to get the most out of being an Official Rep

Assets from webinar held on 4 JULY 2023

Panel event hosted by Oscar Larsen and Paul Cernicharo-Terol

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How to get the most out of being an Official Rep

The content for this webinar was a panel discussion covering different forum discussions which are common on site. We recommend you watch the recording for the key tips offered. Some final takeaways from the session included:

  1. With Clearing now open, we are asking Official Reps to set up Clearing threads. This lets students know that you're available to answer questions and provide any contact details and other information that may be useful to them.
  2. Build a strong on-site presence in these next few weeks in the build up to Results Day.
  3. Pre-empt the concerns of students to showcase what an empathic and supportive university you are e.g. grade boundary worries, how they can reach you, when results will be released.
  4. Offer balanced, neutral advice (don't respond like an advert).
  5. Help applicants come up with a backup plan - be informative, not biased.
  6. Use our response checklist and read posts/threads back to yourself.
  7. Reach out to Client Services if you need extra support.

Don't forget to get in touch if you need assistance setting up your Clearing thread. Our Community team can then add your Clearing thread to our Clearing mega thread.

Watch the webinar recording:

We are joined in the webinar by Official Reps Carly Lloyd from Manchester Metropolitan University and Amy Blaney from University of Keele.

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