Bridging the gap – Connecting students and government

On Wednesday 14th November we welcomed government representatives to join us at our first ever Bridging the Gap in London. We came together to share insights into the minds and behaviour of young people with the objective to bridge the gap between students and government, here’s a round-up of the day.


Each year we survey thousands of students to discover their perceptions of the options available to them after school, college or university to give you a unique insight into their decision-making journey.

Commercial Partnerships

Postgraduates: Who they are, what they want to hear and how to engage them

What are the reasons for students to stay in education after their undergraduate degree? What influences their decision to do a postgraduate degree? We’ve pulled key insights from activity on The Student Room to give you a unique window into students’ behaviour and motivations when it comes to postgraduate (PG) study.

What students want from brands - Short term deals vs long-term investment

What students want from brands – Short-term deals vs long-term investment

Young people are more switched-on and consumer savvy than ever. In a digital world where they’re constantly inundated with advertisements of new products, brand deals and the latest discounts, how do you know what you’re offering is cutting through the noise? And most importantly how do you know it’s what your target audience wants to hear?

Young consumers: passion, persistence and pester power

Young consumers: passion, persistence and pester power

Pester power is the influence children have when persuading their parents to buy advertised goods. It tends to be an outdated term that’s usually portrayed negatively in the press. However, we’re proposing pester power is very much still alive and happening not only in children’s early years but all the way through to their teens.

Digital Advertising Terms Explained

The marketing world is full of acronyms, abbreviations and complicated terms. Being digital experts in what we do, we’re explaining the top digital advertising terms that can help you become an expert in your marketing journey. From the basics, performance to targeting and optimisation, we’re explaining the key terms.

GCSE Results Day – Infographic 2018

With over 500,000 users and 1.2 million page views it’s safe to say it’s been our biggest GCSE Results Day ever. Check out all the action and key stats you need to know from this year’s Results Day below.