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These specifications are intended for those that don’t currently have a guide on The Student Room. If your guide is a renewal, please either review your guide and send us any updates you would like to make, or fill in one of our templates below if you wish to re-write your guide.

Writing for your guide on The Student Room

Please do not copy content for your guide from your any other websites (including your own). Google considers content duplicated from other websites as “spammy” and will therefore not display it in search results for related terms. Or worse, we may end up knocking your official website out of the search results!

Please fill out the relevant template (listed below) and once sent back, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) teams will run a quick report to check that Google (and other search engines) view the content as unique. If the report indicates that the content is not unique, we are able to publish it, but we will  ‘no index’ the page. This means it will not appear in search engine  results and therefore will not receive visitors from Google (and other engines).

More info on how Google deals with dupe content can be found here.

University guides

Please read our guide put together by our editorial and SEO team. For your guide please provide us with the following:

  • Copy for each of the pages
  • Imagery
  • Co-branded ads, to drive further awareness

Click here to download our uni guide template

We are committed to pushing your Guide live within five working days of receipt of your completed template.

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