Market Research – A fast, efficient, cost-effective route into the minds of students

With a huge student community at our fingertips, we are in the unique position to gain and share quality insights through our own market research. Leverage our diverse audience by gaining quality data from the youth market that can inform your marketing decisions.

We’ve teamed up with Vincent Consulting, a leading strategic insight consultancy specialising in students and HE, to offer a market research service to provide you with powerful student insights to drive your strategy, brand development and marketing.

Whether you want to investigate student attitudes to your brand or carry out a more complex survey, we have a range of unique ways to uncover powerful insights into the youth market.

A clear window into youth sentiment, our diverse users will help you boost your reach and hit your respondent target for polls, surveys or competitions.

A high value, highly cost-effective solution

Tell us what you want to find out and we’ll design your questionnaire, generate the responses from our diverse audience of students then analyse the data, producing an insightful rich report you can use to inform your strategy, brand or marketing.

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