What students want from brands - Short term deals vs long-term investment

What students want from brands – Short-term deals vs long-term investment

Young people are more switched-on and consumer savvy than ever. In a digital world where they’re constantly inundated with advertisements of new products, brand deals and the latest discounts, how do you know what you’re offering is cutting through the noise? And most importantly how do you know it’s what your target audience wants to hear?

Young consumers: passion, persistence and pester power

Young consumers: passion, persistence and pester power

Pester power is the influence children have when persuading their parents to buy advertised goods. It tends to be an outdated term that’s usually portrayed negatively in the press. However, we’re proposing pester power is very much still alive and happening not only in children’s early years but all the way through to their teens.

Digital Advertising Terms Explained

The marketing world is full of acronyms, abbreviations and complicated terms. Being digital experts in what we do, we’re explaining the top digital advertising terms that can help you become an expert in your marketing journey. From the basics, performance to targeting and optimisation, we’re explaining the key terms.

Advertising to student consumers – the when, what and where for brands

Advertising to Student Consumers – the When, What and Where for Brands

Students are better switched-on to the marketing world than ever. With advertising being selected as the least influencing factor in their spending, young people are becoming more and more wise to generic advertising. Calling for marketeers to become more unique and personalised with their approach.

What No One Tells You About the Viewability of Your Ads

The very least advertisers should expect when they commission a campaign is that it will be seen. But in the competitive digital market too often this isn’t the case. Integral Ad Science report that as much as half of all advertising goes unseen, giving meticulously crafted messages little chance to connect.


Every marketer wants to squeeze maximum value from their budget but buying cheap programmatic advertising is not always the way to do this. Ads will be served widely but not necessarily to the intended audience.