Students spending habits

We surveyed over 1,100 respondents to understand student spending habits. Read this blog for unique insights into what students purchase in preparation for university.

In this research, we investigated which brands are most popular in the youth market. Students gave us their opinions on where they shop for banking, telecoms, technology and retail.

This report reveals how students manage their money and what they spend it on. We found 56% of respondents rely on their student loans as their main source of income. They spend the most money on food & drink, followed by going out.

We also uncovered that 75% of young people open a new student bank account, 58% buy or plan to buy a new laptop and 29% are very likely or likely to upgrade their mobile phone.

Key student spending habits insights include:

  • Behaviour and habits of students preparing for university
  • Key influences on student spending
  • Factors persuading students to switch bank accounts
  • Top youth brands in banking, telecoms, technology and retail
  • What students value when purchasing a new mobile phone or laptop
  • Who makes the ‘back to uni’ purchases
  • How to target a youth market

These are just some of the insights we explored, download the full report on student spending habits to find out more.

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