Each year we survey thousands of students to discover their perceptions of the options available to them after school, college or university to give you a unique insight into their decision-making journey.

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Postgraduates: Who they are, what they want to hear and how to engage them

What are the reasons for students to stay in education after their undergraduate degree? What influences their decision to do a postgraduate degree? We’ve pulled key insights from activity on The Student Room to give you a unique window into students’ behaviour and motivations when it comes to postgraduate (PG) study.

What students want from brands - Short term deals vs long-term investment

What students want from brands – Short-term deals vs long-term investment

Young people are more switched-on and consumer savvy than ever. In a digital world where they’re constantly inundated with advertisements of new products, brand deals and the latest discounts, how do you know what you’re offering is cutting through the noise? And most importantly how do you know it’s what your target audience wants to hear?

How Students are Feeling About Results Day 2018

With A-level Results Day today, students across the UK are experiencing an array of emotions from excitement to terror. Being the UK’s largest online student community, The Student Room delved into student sentiment to explore how they’re feeling about their results and the impact of receiving their grades.

Advertising to student consumers – the when, what and where for brands

Advertising to Student Consumers – the When, What and Where for Brands

Students are better switched-on to the marketing world than ever. With advertising being selected as the least influencing factor in their spending, young people are becoming more and more wise to generic advertising. Calling for marketeers to become more unique and personalised with their approach.

Are You Engaging with Pre-App Students Early Enough?

As open day season approaches, we turned to our community of over 10 million monthly users to understand students’ perceptions of these key conversion events, and how significant they are when deciding their next steps.


We surveyed a sample of over 1,000 students to understand their attitude towards university fee reform. This report shares key insights into the narrowing of provision, commercialisation of universities and student purchase rationale.


We surveyed over 1,100 respondents to understand student spending habits and give you a unique insight into what they purchase in preparation for university.