How the National Careers Service reached a wider student audience

National Careers Service Case Study

The National Careers Service is an organisation that provides free, up-to-date, impartial information on careers, skills and the labour market in England. They came to The Student Room looking for ways to reach a wider student audience and encourage interaction from more young people looking for support with their career.

As the UK’s largest online student community, millions of young people turn to TSR every month to research their next steps, ask questions and seek support about their life choices. This huge pool of highly receptive users have a clear requirement for expert advice, making it the perfect fit for The National Careers Service to continue providing life-changing guidance.

Increasing their reach wasn’t the only objective, they also wanted to encourage quality conversation with those students in need. We implemented an Official Rep, a TSR account allowing brands to have authentic discussion with users on site. This effective method of communication puts brands on the front line and allows them to answer questions and provide direct and valuable advice.

Sophie Graham, Education and Awareness Co-ordinator at The National Careers Service, commented:

“The flexibility of TSR allows the National Careers Service to be more visible to students at key times throughout the academic year. We have been able to support students going through their exams and with their next steps after school, college and university.”


Striving to deliver the best possible advice to all young people, The National Careers Service’s Official Rep has given them an extra digital dimension to do what they do best. Having an authentic voice in the student space and the ability to talk directly to young people on a trusted platform has allowed them to give one-on-one advice to over 20,000 students in just four months.

Not only have The National Careers service achieved their objective to extend their reach, but their Official Rep has given them the opportunity to help more people with less resources. With thousands of students on one platform, one person is now able to provide support to a handful of students in the same time it would take them to speak to one student via other forms of communication such as email or telephone.

It’s also been an effective brand awareness tool for The National Careers Service. They have boosted brand perceptions in the youth market and encouraged more people to recognise them as a professional body for advice and make the most of their useful service.

Sophie Graham commented on their experience working with TSR:

“TSR understood the aims and objectives of the National Careers Service and supported us to ensure we could empower individuals of all ages to achieve their goals. We have been able to reach almost 20,000 students in a short space of time which has been made possible with the support of the staff at TSR and their fantastic community team. They are always on hand to support us and our presence on TSR has given our service an extra digital dimension.

Our team is extremely pleased and proud of what we have been able to achieve on TSR in a short space of time. We hope that we are able to continue partnering with TSR long into the future as we have seen some fantastic outcomes and been able to genuinely support students from all over the country with their careers.”

Want to find out more about how a genuine and authoritative channel of communication can connect you to thousands of students looking for information on their next steps? Find out more about being a TSR Official Rep.