Widening Participation (WP) students are three times more likely to be put off going to university due to the cost of university fees. We carried out qualitative and quantitative research investigating how WP students think, feel and behave when making decisions about higher education.

 Although Widening Participation students demonstrate higher concerns around student debt and securing a job after graduating, evidence suggests their passion for learning and receptiveness to aspirational and inspirational messaging is invaluable.

They tend to behave in a similar way to students from all backgrounds, sharing similar motivational factors and the same decision-making journey. This means tailoring communications and outreach to this community can be a balancing act. This e-book covers:

  • Key motivations for this target audience
  • Insights to tailor your marketing communications
  • Confidence towards getting a job after graduating university
  • The impact of influencers and supporters for WP students

This report will give you a deeper understanding of your audience and inform your marketing communications; ensuring they resonate with the aspirations and emotional decisions Widening Participation students must make when considering higher education.

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