Interview: Introducing new research consultancy, TSR Insight


1. How do you feel since the acquisition?

I’m so happy we are part of the TSR Group and family. The ten years spent growing Vincent  Consulting and working with our clients were wonderful, and I’m now ready to build on that with TSR Insight.

We have been working closely with TSR for a number of years, so in some respects, it feels like business as usual, but more exciting!

 2. What services do you offer?

As well as the core primary and secondary research products, we continue to offer senior level consultancy to help our clients make informed decisions, identify growth areas, innovate, and stay ahead of the game. This has included areas such as the offer and positioning of a London university campus, devising staff engagement surveys and informing international market entry strategies.

We also offer MEDE Reports, which is our tried and tested efficient portfolio review tool supporting university decision-making around course market entry, development and exit.

3. Who’s on the team?

Barbara is our Market Research Consultant and she has over 15 years experience in market research, most of which has been in higher education.

Hope is our Market Research & Insight Analyst and has a First-Class degree in Sociology & Social Policy from the University of Sheffield.

As a certified member of the Market Research Society and a Chartered Marketer (MCIM), I have worked in market research for over twenty years and specialise in the higher education market.

We work with excellent associates, who are specialists in specific areas such as qualitative research or international marketing. Now that we are a part of The Student Room Group, we will be growing the team to bring more of that expertise in-house and continue to partner with the best people where necessary to deliver for our clients. If you’d like to talk about any opportunities with TSR Insight, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

4. Where do you get research participants, and what steps do you take to make sure they meet the required criteria?

The most important message to get across is that we do have exclusive access to The Student Room community for market research, but we can also source respondents from any other relevant group required by our clients. That can be parents, teachers or wider B2B audiences such as regional stakeholders and employers.

Inviting the right people to take part in market research on The Student Room is simple.

Email is a very targeted method of collection, we know a lot about our users from their on-site behaviour and ensure only those who are relevant are invited to take part in research.

The second is broader and enables us to access a much larger and diverse group of potential respondents. We work with our colleagues at The Student Room to identify which forums the right people might be interacting with on-site then invite them to take part via a post or a display ad.

In both cases, we use sophisticated filter questions to make sure that we get to exactly the right people to meet your objectives.

5. How will working with TSR Insight be different from working with other research agencies?

We have a strong reputation for working collaboratively with our clients, we want them to feel as though we are an extension of their team and in it together. That will very much continue from Vincent Consulting to TSR Insight.

Our exclusive access to The Student Room’s community is certainly a USP for us.

And the insight we have, coupled with that of our colleagues at The Student Room about how to speak to young people informs what we ask and how we ask it.

It also means that we focus as much on enabling respondents to say what they want to say, as what our client wants to ask them, and that approach underpins the work we do with all audiences.

6. Who have you previously worked with?

As Vincent Consulting, we have worked with a range of universities, of all shapes and sizes.

We work with a variety of internal teams and at different levels, such as UK and international, central marketing and faculty or school marketing, and departments such as admissions and registry as well as of course marketing and recruitment.

7. Where are you based?

We’re still based in Sheffield and work closely as part of the wider team with our colleagues in the Brighton office.

Find out more about how TSR Insight can meet your research needs and give you the right findings to inform your decision making here.


Julie Vincent
Insight Director, TSR Insight