53 percent of sexually active students have never been tested for STIs

More than half of sexually active students have never been tested for sexually transmitted infections, despite 63% having engaged in unprotected sex, reveals new research from The Student Room.

The Student Room, the world’s largest online student community, commissioned the research asking 1,179 students across the country about their sexual health and history to encourage students to take their sexual health seriously.

Of the students surveyed, 63% are having unprotected sex. Of those students who are sexually active, 26% say they’ve never bought condoms.

When asked about the sex education they received 40% said it was just average with a further 27% saying it was poor and that they don’t feel they know enough about sexual health. The majority of students (87%) find the advice they need on sex and sexual health on the internet and forums such as The Student Room.

Zoe McMillan, student life community manager at The Student Room says: “With Valentine’s last month, sex and relationships are at the forefront of everyone’s minds and The Student Room is packed with students asking for advice. This research clearly shows the importance of online advice and highlights the improvements that need to be made to sex education in schools.

“Any student concerned about STIs, relationships or anything surrounding sexual health should know about the support available to them – from sexual health clinics to anonymous sex and relationship advice on forums such as The Student Room.

“The NHS websites, your GP and local sexual health clinics are great places to start for sexual health advice and any concerns you may have.”

Students can use The Student Room forums anonymously for peer-to-peer advice on sex and relationships.


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