How to fill university places – Official Rep wins on A-Level Results Day

Millions of young people come to The Student Room for peer-to-peer advice when making key decisions. Volunteers, forum helpers and Official Reps help these young people to flourish by providing them with support and information on a range of topics.  This blog covers our Official Rep engagement tool, and how Universities are able to convert students and fill places using this authentic communication method.

What is an Official Rep and how do they fill university places?

An Official Rep is a person chosen to represent your university. This could be a student, a faculty member, academic or alumni. They can post unlimited content on The Student Room forums and respond directly to questions from potential applicants.

Having an Official Rep on The Student Room can allow you to humanise your brand through authentic communication. Answering questions from potential applicants, you can build trust, which in many cases translates to an application! Today we will cover examples of how the Official Rep tool has successfully helped young people on our site.

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Where to study

”Guys, which uni would be the better choice for Mechanical Engineering out of University of Sussex, University of Surrey, UEA and Swansea University?”

This student was contemplating what university would provide the best Mechanical Engineering course, and wanted some peer-to-peer advice.

Official Reps for Swansea and University of East Anglia provided the student with information on what they each offer. Covering accommodation costs to graduate employment, the student received a wealth of information to support their decision making process. The student then expressed their gratitude for the Official Rep engagement:”thank you for the informative reply.”

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Failed A-Levels

”Failed my A-Levels due to a family issue; stuck wondering what to do next.”

This student didn’t pass their A-Levels due to extenuating circumstances, but wants to go to University to study Mechanical Engineering.

An Official Rep from Kingston University lets the student know there is still places available for an Engineering foundation year. They remind the student not to lose hope and provide a contact number, and the student follows up on this.

The Rep also let the student know they can transfer after their foundation year, and shares a story about a Mechanical Engineering student who joined Kingston through Clearing and recently graduated. This exchange is a great example of what Official Reps can do to empower students through choice.

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Firm vs Insurance choice

”Debating whether I should go into Goldsmiths since it has a higher rank then UEL – is it possible to switch to Goldsmith my insurance choice, would that be a good idea?”

Having an Official Rep can be useful during key conversion times such as Results Day, when many students will be going through Clearing and wanting advice about their options.

On Results Day 2019, this student is contemplating going to their insurance choice of Goldsmiths, because it ranks higher than their firm in the league tables. The University of East London (UEL), who is the students firm choice, encourages the student to consider all factors of student life when making their decision. The Rep explains UEL received a 100% NSS score for that course, and the student is pleased that the Rep engaged with their post:

”Thank you, for your kind reply; it really put a smile on my face to get a response from my firm choice it’s like a dream”

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Biology through Clearing

”I just missed my offer from Oxford for Biology and I was wondering which uni is best for Biology. I want to go to a competitive environment with high quality teaching.”

This student wanted advice on what university to apply to after missing their offer from Oxford.

The University of York replies to the student with a link to vacancies, as well as the number for their Clearing hotline. In turn, the student starts to consider York as an option to apply through Clearing.

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What an Official Rep can do for you

An Official Rep makes you directly accessible to thousands of potential applicants seeking advice about where to apply for university. By providing students with a helping hand, you support them and simultaneously fill places at your university.

Find out more about the Official Rep tool and how to get one.

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