NEW Student Insights – Conversion Report 2016

The Student Room’s 2016 Conversion Report uncovers the journey students take when deciding which university offers to accept. 

The report delves into what students really think about the current university offerings and communications, exploring how students reach their decisions. It also reveals expert advice and best practice marketing tactics for effectively converting students at this stage of the application cycle.

Who we asked

We dipped into the pool of the world’s largest student community, The Student Room and surveyed 3,230 UK students aged 17-18 who are in the current application process about how they decide which offers to accept as their final firm and insurance choices.

What you’ll discover

Our findings offer you insights on the factors that affect which universities are able to win the hearts (and minds) of the next generation of students.

They offer you the opportunity to discover:

  • How students feel about unconditional offers
  • What are the main influences on students firm and insurance choices
  • What sources of information they use to make up thier minds
  • How satisfied students are with the way that universities communicate

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