Mental Health is becoming an increasingly relevant topic in the sector. 41% of students stated the process of going to university as the most anxious they have ever felt and 35% said anxiety strongly influenced their university choice.

Anxiety and its effect on uni choices - E-bookOne of our long-standing missions at TSR includes a commitment to “fly the flag for students”. This means giving young people a voice, understanding their issues and making sure decision makers in government and Higher Education hear them.

We see students discussing the realities of mental health and the support available to them each day on TSR. So we decided to survey over 3,000 students to determine exactly how widespread anxiety, stress and depression are for university applicants. Results revealed 26% of applicants experience frequent anxiety issues that severely impact all areas of their life and 20% said it puts them off going to university altogether.

This e-book presents further findings from the survey, explores some of the key causes of anxiety amongst students and suggests how universities can differentiate themselves to aid recruitment and retention.

  • Key findings from a survey of over 3,000 students
  • How to boost recruitment, retention and support
  • Interesting ways to inspire and connect with young people

It’s vital to understand your audience and this report will provide a deeper insight into how students think, feel and behave. So, find out more about mobilising the youth market by downloading the full e-book.