Tia’s Blog: My first week as a TSR intern

Tia intern

Tia’s Blog: My first week as a TSR intern

Hi, I’m Tia. I’m 20 years old and a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Sussex, studying Media Production. I want to tell you about my first week as the new B2B marketing intern at The Student Room (TSR).

I’ll be doing regular updates and videos to share my experiences, so stay tuned.

My first projects

In the first few days, the marketing team eased me in gently with inductions. This gave me the chance to get to know everyone at TSR and understand the structure of the company. They involved me in general workplace activities, like the monthly company meeting and the government marketing strategy planning sessions. I also learned a lot of new marketing terminology like “collateral” and “conversion”.

Many of the tasks I have been allocated on a day-to-day basis are tailored around my existing creative media skills. For example, I’m writing blog posts for the website and creating video content for social media. Look out for my upcoming blogs on university Open Days and marketing to freshers. I’m also learning to use marketing software such as Salesforce CRM, which is a useful skill that will appeal to future employers.

Working in an office

I’m enjoying experiencing what it’s like to be part of a corporate environment because I know this will prepare me for when I graduate. I think the office is really fun and unique because the design is Brighton-themed. We have ping-pong tables and dogs at work, and sometimes the brands we work with send us treats!

I’m building my confidence and learning that I can manage my own workload and meet targets.  My manager and my team have made me feel really welcome and included me in all aspects of what they’re working on.

It’s clear my experience at TSR is fundamentally about me and what I can gain. For the remainder of my time here, I’ll be focusing on asking questions and observing as much as possible so that I can get the most from this opportunity. I look forward to keeping everyone up to date with my progress!

Tia intern


Tia Lawrence
B2B Marketing Intern, The Student Room


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