TSR has been working with Revolt Sexual Assault, a campaign that aims to give power back to students, to consult thousands of young people about their experiences of sexual assault and harassment while at university.

Through our website and social media platforms, in collaboration with higher education institutions and student unions, we have collected responses from nearly 4,500 students and recent graduates from 153 different institutions.

This national consultation is the first of this size and of its kind in over a decade. Its aim is to identify the true nature and the extent of sexual harassment and assault happening at universities in the UK. In doing so, we hope to draw attention to the significant impact sexual violence has on the student experience and ensure young people’s voices are heard in making positive change for the future. Revolt Sexual Assault will use the data to work toward their ongoing mission of driving policy change to help empower both universities and their students in tackling this issue.

The report looks extensively at all aspects of sexual harassment and assault. This includes not only how many students experience sexual violence, it also provides a window into how they think and feel about this very serious issue.

Other significant aspects explored are: its impact on studying and mental health, access to support services provided by institutions, attitudes to sexual violence and how students perceive those of their peers, and the rate of reports being filed about instances of sexual violence.

Key findings include:

  • 62% said they had experienced sexual violence
  • 39% said they were made to feel responsible for the incident
  • 6% reported their experience of sexual violence to their university
  • Halls of residence were the most common location where incidents occurred in universities
  • 16% suspended their studies or dropped out of their degree entirely
  • Most victims turn to friends over student services for support

Download the full report on this pressing issue here and use the findings to inform your university’s communications, welfare and support services.

For further enquiries, please contact Revolt Sexual Assault on or 07584 258423.