New video series: why brand’s essential for universities

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Watch our new video insights series: Why brand’s essential for universities

Video 4: If your university was a person, who would it be? | Lorna Greville – Education Account Director/HE specialist

Lorna explains why brand awareness has a huge impact on university applications. Learn how to position your university in the higher education market by identifying brand values that appeal to applicants.

Video 3: Uni brand: Just do it | Lorna Greville – Education Account Director/HE specialist

We know that the higher education sector has limited resources when it comes to brand. Just do it.

Video 2: Marketing budget: brand vs campaigns? | Lorna Greville – Education Account Director/HE specialist

This week Lorna offers guidance on the ideal proportion of your budget to allocate to brand marketing vs campaign activities. She also reveals the risks of neglecting your brand.

Video 1 : Uni brand is essential | Lorna Greville – Education Account Director/HE specialist

Why does brand even matter when it comes to student recruitment? Lorna explains why in this video.

Watch out for more videos about why brand’s essential for universities here.

This series is designed to help marketers, HE professionals and university staff build a powerful and effective university brand. Having a strong brand means that your year-on-year success does not hinge entirely on your individual campaigns. Applicants will come to you because they know your value as an institution and what you can offer. You’ll learn:

  • how to build brand awareness
  • how to talk to students and what they really care about in terms of value alignment
  • the long term benefits of investing in brand
  • when to communicate with students
  • what to shout about to build your reputation

We will also be releasing insights videos about other topics related to student marketing, so even if you aren’t a university, watch this space.

You can also sign up for our webinar series. Our next webinar “How to maximise your Clearing campaign with insights from The Student Room” is at 10am on 19th February 2020. Sign up here.

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