Maximise student engagement in Clearing 2021

Y13 students

How to utilise your University Partner Pack (UPP)

Clearing 2021 is officially open. We’re already seeing plenty of student conversations, so now is an ideal time to engage. Our audience of active Year 13 members is also 60% higher than this time last year. 1

In this blog, we’ll share our top tips for how to use your University Partner Pack to maximise Clearing applications. (If you don’t have an UPP yet, check out this page for more information)

Use your ad-blocked university forum as an information hub

Clearly signpost prospective Clearing applicants to Clearing resources. You can set up sticky threads on your university forum to increase the prominence of your most important information, such as your official Clearing 2021 thread. We also recommend making the following available: FAQs, Ask a student, information about the Clearing process and Clearing contact information.

In the below example, University of Reading has also included accommodation information:

Also ensure you are engaging with buzzing Clearing threads, for example: Medicine UCAS Extra / Clearing for 2021 entry *updated 5th July 11pm*

Download our free student engagement response checklist

Get yours here: Response checklist

Following last week’s Official Rep Clearing 2021 training, we’ve created a downloadable response checklist. This includes simple posting guidelines for Official Reps (such as “consider the emotional impact”).

You can keep it on your desk and refer to it when posting to ensure you always hit the right note with students.

Take advantage of free Official Rep training

Students are already asking questions about Clearing. Here are a few example posts:

Confusion about Clearing dates:
wait have you guys got your results already? don’t you wait until August?”
A user responds to this by explaining that some students already have their grades (e.g. gap years)

Wondering about specific courses in Clearing:
“anyone think this course will be on clearing this yr?”
“is it possible to change course through clearing?”

Mature student:
“URGENT ADVICE NEEDED: Clearing for a second undergraduate degree”

To make the most of every engagement opportunity you need to stay up-to-date with student conversations and where they are happening.

Come along to one of our weekly Official Rep training sessions at 10am on Wednesdays . Sign up here.

In these sessions, we will share student insights based on onsite activity and give you tips for engaging with our youth community.

Make sure your shop window is ready for Clearing

Clearing applicants use our University guide pages to research everything they need to know about the universities they are considering. Check that key information (such as contact details) is accurate and easy to find. Upload videos or content covering key topics such as navigating the Clearing process, finding accommodation, and changing courses.

This is a strong example from Aston University. This profile allows students to:

  • access key information (travel, fees, open days)
  • chat to other students
  • find the Official Rep
  • explore courses in detail
  • view photos and videos (campus tour, accommodation, students talking about why they like Aston)
  • connect on social media

Supercharge responses: use remarketing and lead generation to maximise applications

The more you reinforce your message with applicants now, the more likely they are to think of you when they are making Clearing decisions. Retargeting is a powerful way to reach your target audience, wherever they are online.

We’ve launched UPP Premium which combines all the much-loved features of UPP, plus one million retargeting impressions and 5,000 cost-per-acquisition lead generation credits on TheUniGuide.

Contact us about upgrading to UPP Premium here.

Recommended resources:
Clearing 2021 Official Rep training – on-demand webinar
Clearing hub – a range of insights and tips

Please get in touch with our team:
0800 999 3222

For bespoke research, contact the TSR Insight team.


1 Active members, Google Analytics, 6 June – 5 July 2021 (vs last year)